Kyveli AnastasiadiKyveli Anastasiadi is an architect and performer, incorporating Physical Thinking as a tool for designing and making. Design Through Performance merges the world of architecture with the world of performance and cognitive science, challenging existing architectural typologies while rediscovering architecture as an embodied ‘process’ of making a design.


Andrew Brown Andrew Brown has engaged in solo and collaborative projects involving sound, text, film and performance since the late 1970s. He is a Senior Lecturer on the interdisciplinary Fine Art course at Nottingham Trent University and has written for various art publications, as well as being author of a book on the devising processes of the Anglo-Belgian performance company Reckless Sleepers.

Andrew founded the project OpenCity in 2006, inspired by a chance event witnessed in a city square in which several (presumably unconnected) individuals began to run in different directions at the same moment.

Everyday urban behaviour has since been observed, sampled and released back into environments across the world, with previous manifestations taking place in cities such as Aix-en-Provence, Berlin, Belgrade, Toronto, and Budapest, each composed of material responsive to the specificities of a time and place and based upon a subtle critique of our relationship with the city.

Josh Fenton_Portrait

Josh Fenton is an aspiring architect from Birmingham, UK. After recently completing an MA in Architectural Design (Edinburgh College of Art at Edinburgh University), he is now interested in pursuing the more theoretical and poetic nature of architecture, Josh’s final design proposal for the MA course; ‘Time In Line’ examined the possibility of fabricating a storehouse for community memory using only the sounds that comprise their aural history. Sounds rather than image become key to defining user experience. Josh is widely travelled and tends to spend long periods of the summer living amongst other cultures, and writing about his experiences. His latest project explores the rural communities of Morroco in comparison to the developed cities of the western world.

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Dr. Robert Lewis is a graduate of NIDA (Grad. Dip. Voice), University of Tasmania (BPA, PhD), Monash University (BA, Honours) and RMIT (Grad. Dip. Ed). Robert has published performance and training films through Artfilms, and various articles on the subject of voice and movement integration. Robert is the director of the Voice Theatre Lab and its associated company, Persona Collective, a performance group focusing on integrative practice and research. Some of the company’s productions include Dr Faustus, 5, Iam Nocte (films distributed through Artfilms) and the site specific performances Tetractys (Arts Alive), Two Houses (Iteration:Again, 2011) and Savages (Junction Arts Festival, 2014). Lewis’s voice and movement training film The Third Space features a comprehensive booklet of practical exercises and his e-book, The Active Centre examines multitasking muscles in voice and movement training. He is currently a Lecturer in Theatre (Voice and Movement) at the Tasmanian College of the Arts, University of Tasmania. performing-arts/people-old/ people/robert-lewis , Voice-Theatre-Lab- 301141513336167/?fref=ts , thepersonacollective

cropped profile picEliza Soroga is a performance artist from Athens, Greece. She holds an MA in Performance Making (Goldsmiths University of London) and in Cultural Theory (National University of Athens). She has trained in Jacques Lecoq’s physical theatre technique and Butoh dance. She is the Artistic Director and founder of Re-Inventing Public Spaces performance series. Her work is considered mainly as site-specific and explores the dynamic method of shaping everyday life into a performance. Her work has been shown in galleries, museums and theatres including the V&A Museum, Battersea Arts Centre, Camden People’s Theatre and diverse non-theatre sites in London, Athens and Paris. Eliza is part of Young Vic Theatre Directors Program. ,