The Team


Maria Carneiro holds a Masters in Theatre Directing by Escola Superior Artística do Porto, Portugal. She is a Research Assistant at Centro de Estudos Arnaldo Araújo, Porto. Maria has interned at The Centre for Performance Research in Wales and Hotel Pro Forma in Denmark, where she also worked as an assistant director. At the moment she works as an assistant director at teatromosca (Sintra, Portugal). Maria’s main areas of research are performance criticism, performance design and theater architecture.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAliki Kylika is an architect and performance maker. She studied architecture at NTU Athens, and performance design at CSM UA London. Her work focuses on performative representations of urban and architectural concepts exploring the meeting point of architecture, urbanism and performance. It is her belief that architectural innovation lies in the application of performative principles in the design process. Works include: “Anavasis / Ascent” in the RBS London, “Aldgate Territoriality” in “This is City-Centric” London, “Pre-Bard // Post-Shard” in Somerset House (LFA 2014) and “Dramatised Urbanism: Performance Cities” in “Dramatic Architectures” conference (ESAP Porto). Alongside her personal work, she works professionally in architecture, interior design and exhibition design.

SONY DSCStella Mygdali is a registered architect (University of Patras, Greece). She holds an MSc by Research (Distinction) from the University of Edinburgh. Currently, she is a PhD student in Architecture at the University of Edinburgh. Her academic work focuses on the ways in which research on environments of intimacy and risk contributes to an understanding of the performative character of architecture. Stella has participated in group exhibitions in Greece and Italy. Her work has been published in the University of Patras Journal and in the book The Greek Photography and the Photography in Greece [collective work]. She has presented her work in the international conference Dramatic Architectures: Places for Drama – Drama for Places’.


María Nieto Sánchez. (Avila, Spain; 1988). Doctoral Student University of Valladolid. Architect and Master’s Degree: Research in Architecture. University of Valladolid. Master’s research work: “Architecture and performing arts in post- avantgarde”. This research continues with conferences and  other activities: “Quarries of light. The legacy of Josef Svoboda” (International Conference “Dramatic Architectures: places of drama, drama for places”, Porto, November 3-5, 2014); “The floating space:  Svoboda and The Eames” (“Fotograma 2014: Architecture and Cinema”. University of Valladolid, 2014); “Shapes, colour and cinema” (Public Centre for Innovation “La Encarnación”, 2014); Scholarship in Collaboration with Dpto. Teoría de la arquitectura y Proyectos Arquitectónicos, research work:  “Temporal representation of architecture” (Research Group of University of Valladolid “Architecture and   cinema”, 2011-2012).


Edvard Passos is the playwright and director of the plays: Aventuras do Maluco Beleza (Wacky Boy’s Adventures)A Voz do Campeão (The Voice of the Champion) and Compadre de Ogum (Ogum´s Pal) – Best Director Award 2014 (Braskem Award of Theatre in Bahia). Architect, graduated at Federal University of Bahia, Passos attends the Program in Performing Arts – PPGAC/UFBA and researches the relationship developed by the Brazilian romantic poet Castro Alves with theatre, oriented by Professor Dr. Cleise Mendes. He integrates the International Federation for Theatre Research – IFTR and others brazilians research groups: Dramatis and Pé na Cena, led by professor Cleise Mendes and professor Luiz Marfuz, respectively. Passos coordinates the university extension theatre course The Agora´s Occupation, at Neighbourhoods Programme and he is the director of Alafia – Theatre Company of Salvador. Between 1999 and 2009, he worked professionally as an actor in theater plays at Salvador and was an educator and pedagogical coordinator of artistic workshops of Liceu de Artes e Ofícios da Bahia.


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